Marché Bastille

This morning I ventured to the nearby Marché Bastille (sometimes called Marché Richard Lenoir; I don’t know which is correct), an open air market that offers just about anything you could want to buy. Though it’s only a ten minute walk from my apartment–and it’s been recommended to me many times–I’ve never actually been.  What was my motivation?  I heard there was a vendor there who sells kale, a rarity here.

I didn’t manage to find the kale, but I discover a wonderful market where you can buy everything from cheese to fresh fish to gateau breton, a buttery cake from France’s western coast.

Yes, they also have fruits and vegetables too, but I was too busy looking for the kale to snap photos.

The Marché Bastille/Richard Lenoir is open Thursday and Sunday mornings, 9am-ish til 1pm-ish. There are loads of food vendors, so you can easily get lunch there and munch on it while you walk around. The closest metros are Bastille and Breguet-Sabin.


2 responses to “Marché Bastille

  1. Hey! Sorry you didn’t find the kale yesterday. I’m glad to know you live close-by the market so at least you didn’t trek far to get there. Let me know how Sunday goes. I’ll be at Raspail bio market checking in on Madame Mustard who I hear should have kale really soon!! Fingers crossed.

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